This page will help you get started with Awesome New API.

The NFTEarth API is an all-in-one endpoint for building NFT applications. That includes everything from market exploration tools to full-featured marketplaces. It gives access to:

Aggregated liquidity from popular NFT marketplaces
Granular price data with flexible querying options
Raw order objects, for executing buys and sells
Detailed metadata that can be used to analyze data (e.g. trait floors)
Advanced order types, like collection and trait-wide bids
Best of all, the API is powered by an open-source Indexer that runs entirely off open and permissionless data sources. This means there are no centralized gatekeepers to depend on. You can use a hosted version of the API to quickly get up and running, or run your own if you need more control.

Hosted API
The core team runs a production-ready instance of the NFTEarth API, which is free to access. It currently supports Optimism and Arbitrum, with the following endpoints:


In order to ensure backwards compatibility, any changes to API endpoints are deployed as new versions. We will strive to keep old versions available for as long as possible, while also working closely with you to help upgrade.